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Millet has been adapting to its customers' needs since the day it was created

The story of Millet started with Marius Millet in the early 20th century in the Jura mountains in France. He started by turning natural products, such as bone, ivory and horn.

His products were used to make fashion jewellery, or in the pharmaceutical or manufacturing industries.

The end of the First World War saw the advent of the second generation of plastics (Ambrolite, Galalith, Rhodoid, etc.). They came in geometrically shaped rods and plates that could be transformed using automatic machines, that progressed quickly, thanks to the ingenuity of the local mechanics.

The economic recovery after the Second World War and the invention of new machines opened the way for the age of plastics.

Millet Marius SA decided to invest in this sector and started to develop thermoplastic parts for industry. This was how the story of the Millet Plastics Group started in 1957.


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